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    Where did my narration go?


      I tried out Premiere 10 on some MPEG recordings to see how well it could cope with the massive HD files that my TiVo typically spit out.  I usually process the coded TiVo file via KMTTG and end up with an open MPEG file.  Premiere 10 did a great job but the price was far and above what I can afford, but checking via Google I discovered Premiere Elements 11 Quick Editor for Mac and purchased it tonight.


      It handled editing with grace and speed and it wasn't hard to figure out.  It is also precise to the frame when I edit, something I can't say for other editors out there.


      Within 15 minutes I had finished editing a bloated HD MPEG recorded from National Geographic and sent it to be saved as an MP4 to dump into my PLEX library.  So far so good, but for some odd reason, the narration was completely and totally missing from the final product. 


      The picture looks great, the background audio is crisp and clear, but all I see are flapping lips.


      I checked the source MPEG file via VLC and the narration is still there, but somewhere along the way it got stripped out or lost in Premiere Elements 11 Quick Editor for Mac after being imported. 


      I guess I could, as a stop-gap, reencode the HD MPEG as an MP4 and then bring it into Premiere but I noticed I tend to lose much of the detail.


      I'm on a Mac Mini, mid 2011 model, 8 gigs of ram, 500 gig HD, using the newest version of Premiere Elements 11 Quick Editor for Mac.


      Can anyone make any suggestions?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I do not know Premiere Elements Quick Editor (did not even know that it existed), but, when Audio is missing from an output AV file, it is most likely that one of several things happened"


          1. In the Share/Publish settings (assume that PrE QE has a settings dialog box?), ONLY the Video was checked, and not both Video and Audio.
          2. In the next settings dialog box, Multiplexer, the Multiplexing was set to "None," and you then get two files: one Video-only file, and one Audio-only file. They are not combined. The Multiplexing should be set to anything but "None," such as "DVD."
          3. Back on the Timeline, the Audio was either Disabled, or Muted.


          Good luck, and wish that I knew more about that particular flavor of the program.



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            jerry7171 Level 1

            Hi Bill,


            I double checked the settings in Share/Publish and they're all correct, the next dialog settings box has both audio and video checked but here is the wrinkle: there is nothing showing up on the timeline for audio.  I double checked the source file again by using Premiere's properties feature.  The properties of this file are as follows:


            Type: MPEG Movie

            File Size: 5.2 GB

            Image Size: 1280 x 720

            Frame Rate: 59.94

            Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - compressed - 6 channels

            Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - 6 channels

            Total Duration: 59:57:40

            Average Data Rate: 1.5 Mbit / sec

            Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


            I have a sneaking suspicion that Premiere can't or won't cope with the audio stream as presented to it (hopefully I'm wrong as I have a weeks worth of programming to edit).


            Does the information help?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              In the "regular" PrE, one can specify the Audio channel-count, at New Project, for AVCHD Projects. That allows PrE to see 6-channel (5.1) Audio. Not sure about the "Express" version though.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                At New Project>Change Settings, do you have this screen?


                Good luck,



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                  jerry7171 Level 1

                  Hey Bill!


                  Thanks for the heads up about this dialogue/settings box.  I'm giving it another whirl with a similar MPEG file.  Thanks again!



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Good luck, and please let us know if by setting the channel-count to 6-channel/5.1, you get the full Audio.


                    I am learning about the PrE 11 Quick Editor, as we go, so reports would be appreciated.





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                      jerry7171 Level 1

                      Hey Bill,


                      Sorry for the delayed response -- I had to go cook.  I have been playing for the past half hour with every kind of configuration I could find and its the same results.  I have superb video, the background audio is clear and present, but when a narrator (or anyone for that matter) is talking onscreen, all I see are their moving lips -- there is just the background sounds.  All the voice-over tracks are missing as well.


                      All I can figure out is that for some reason, either the way the MPEG is packaged or something in Premiere doesn't like the audio arrangement so the front discrete audio is completely dropped.  When I look at my screen, I see nothing for audio whatsoever below the video stream, but yet if I drag the source MPEG into VLC to double check it, everything plays just fine.


                      I don't know if this should be chalked up to user error or a bug?  I previously used MPEG Streamclipper until an update in the Mac OS broke it.  I have a pretty good working knowledge of basic editing and playing with some settings.  I wonder if I will need to change the export parameters of KMTTG to something else so Premiere will be able to handle the audio along with the video?





                      Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 4.30.21 PM.jpg

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                        jerry7171 Level 1

                        Just another update here.  I changed the exported format of the files as they are being pulled in from my TiVo.  Instead of MPEG I now have the videos exported as MP4 (H264) and Premiere is able to work with all the video and audio channels in this container.


                        Maybe the way the audio streams were being packaged in MPEG just didn't agree with Premiere via KMTTG?


                        I don't think I see a measurable change in quality using this method, but I am bummed that all the MPEGs waiting to be edited and clipped will have to go through being reprocessed from MPEG to MP4, edited and finally encoded one last time, all the while losing some quality.


                        Ah well, I still like Premiere for it's extreme precision in clipping out commercials and other unwanted things for archiving in my PLEX library.