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    Why do my ebooks not work anymore after resetting my computer?

    the kuh

      i formated my computer, since then my ebooks cannot be opened. The error that shows is: E_lic_already_fulfilled_by_another_user

      i only have one Adobe-ID and my Digital Edition is authorized with it.

      i contacted my ebook provider and they say they cannot reset the ebooks. They also told me, that it is possible, that i did not register with Adobe before i got the first ebooks and that adobe, in that case, creatse an account for my computer, i do not know anything about?

      I defenetly remember that my DE was already authorized with my current adobe-id and that all my ebooks worked fine before resetting my computer.

      What am i to do? Is it possible for adobe to connect this mysterious Account (if it does exist) with my current ID?

      i would be very thankful, if anybody knows what i can do!