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    Vimeo tells me that I dont have a constant Frame-rate...?


      So, on Premier CS5.5, Just exporting a new film. I use the settings I allmost allways have used in the past for web uploads.

      The footage is mostly 30fps (29.9) shot from a Canon 550 D and a little 60fps (59.9) from the same camera. the film involves alot af rate changing throughout, - the 60fps slowed dwn to 30fps and some spend up footage aswell.

      Its all in a 30fps sequence and exported as Quicktime, H.264, 1280/720, 30fps, square pix, progressive. Fine. All looks ok for the web.

      I then uploaded the file - which was 1.3 Gb and a 6 minute film, which I know is perhas bigger than it needs to be as I didnt limit any data. However when on line and black pauses in footage (as in a fade to black in the middle) is filled by an extended first frame from the next clip. I cntancte vimeo and they told me to re-export with theyre guidlines.

      I did so - using the vimeo hd settings and there guideline for premier export on the net, which looks a bit crap. But an export the way I had been doing it - just with a limited data rate seems to also fit with there guidlines.

      I uploaded this and had the same preblem. Contacted them again and they said that I have a varible frame rate... From what I know of premiere and from the extra research I have done I dont think thats possible... is it?


      This is what they said:


      Hey Theo,

      You should be able to set the frame rate to constant in Premiere, if you’re having trouble, try looking here: http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro.html

      The reason I ask is because we can see the data for your source file, which right now has a variable frame rate with a minimum frame rate of 0.698 fps and a
      maximum frame rate of 30.000 fps. Your data rate, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be set to constant.

      If it doesn’t seem to be working in Premiere, another option is to try out compressing your video in a free program like MPEG Streamclip or Handbrake, which you can find tutorials and download links for on the right hand side of our Compression Guidelines page (https://vimeo.com/help/compression).

      Hope this helps! Let me know if you run into any issues.


      Not sure what this means and what I can do about it. Any thoughts on why/if my frame rate is variable, or how I can solve this vimeo problem.