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      I have a Windows 8 laptop and a NOOK.  I registered and activated both the ADE and NOOK.  When I transferred books from my computer to my NOOK I got an error message that the NOOK was not activated.  I was told to delete ADE and start over again, which I did and got the same message.  Chatted with Satish on the chat line and he gave me the same advice and then blew me off when it still didn't work.  Today I went into my control panel and totally uninstalled ADE from my hard drive, reinstalled it and the same account came up, not starting fresh as I had expected.  I attempted again, to transfer books to the NOOK and ge a message that the book already exists on the NOOK.  But the books are NOT on my NOOK. I am so sick of not being able to talk to anyone and get the answers that I need.  Can anybody please help.

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          Be be worth trying to deactivate them both and starting again: ADE seems to be good at getting activations half there.


          Deactivate ADE on the computer using ctrl-shift-D, restart and reactivate.

          Plug in the Nook so its showing in ADE, deactivate it using ctrl-shift-E to ADE, restart ADE and reactivate the Nook.


          If those don't help try

          1. deactivate the Nook as above
          2. stop ADE
          3. look at the files on the Nook with file manager (eg Windows Explorer),
          4. make sure you are viewing hidden files and folders,
          5. delete the Nook directory with a name like '.adobe-digital-editions'.  (NOT the directory 'Digital Editions')
          6. start ADE and activate the Nook.