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    Questions regarding hdd setup


      Hi there,


      I just built a Pr/AE setup for my cousin and the only thing left to setup now are the hard drives. I'm no expert in this so I came to ask someone wiser.


      So this is what I have:


      1. 1x 500GB Samsung 840 SSD for os/programs

      2. 4x 2TB Seagate HDDs set in RAID5

      3. 1x 60GB Kingston SSD


      I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          You did not mention that you have a hardware controller, so I will assume that you did the RAID 5 using a motherboard solution.


          And, if I assumed correctly, you will need to break the RAID (too slow) and go choose 1) for speed:

          4x2TB or two 2x2TB RAID 0 arrays


          Or, if you must have redundancy, 2) create a 4x2TB RAID 10 array.


          Kingston 60GB sounds old and slow, I'd move that to eBay or some other use.




          SSD - OS, programs, Win7 swap

          1 RAID - all other files (media, projects, scratch, cache, render outputs)


          and if have two 2x2TB RAIDS: media, projects, cache on one and scratch + render outputs on the other





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            witek1992 Level 1



            yes I'm using a RAID controller that is integrated on the mobo, it's a Intel X79 if that helps.


            The 60GB Kingston is a new V300 SATA3 so it's not that slow I think it might be used for something.


            I went with RAID 5 because of it's read speed and my cousin is a bit paranoid about disc failure so I figured that's a good solution. Why is RAID 10 better?


            Thank you for the reply.

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              JEShort01 Level 4

              Regarding my saying motherboard RAID 5 is too slow on Intel RST, it is a write speed problem when RAID 5 paritiy has to be calculated. Expensive (around $600, not the cheap controller cards) controller cards have dedicated processors to do this fast enough to keep up with the drives themselves.


              RAID 10 (also called RAID 0 + RAID 10) would only give you 4TB of useful space (not too terrible really!) and is much faster on Intel RST.


              I did some testing on 4 identical Hitachi 1TB 7200rpm drives which were several years old (not latest, fastest generation) on Intel RST write speed and recorded the following results:


              RAID 0: 524 MB/s max, 423 MB/s avg


              RAID 10: 255 MB/s max, 213 MB/s avg


              RAID 5: 100 MB/s max, 76 MB/s avg


              An expensive RAID 5 card (Areca, Intel, ATTO, etc.) would give you performance pretty much halfway between the RAID 0 and RAID 10 figures and give you around 6TB of useful space on the array.


              Regarding the V300, yes that is a pretty new model and therefore should be useful to use for Premiere Pro scratch and cache files.



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                witek1992 Level 1

                Ok, so:


                500GB SSD - OS/programs

                60GB SSD - scratch and that means I set Captured Video/Audio and Preview Video/Audio to be on it

                RAID 10 - all source files and output files


                Is this about right or did I miss something? I have to pass it on to my cousin so I want to be sure I got everything right.


                Are scratch disc cleared after each closing of Premiere or do these files stay there? I'm asking because if he'll be working on a few projects in 1080p at the same time and they are not erased from time to time I figure he might run out of space on that 60GB SSD. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I don't know much about how Premiere works, I just know my way around computers and my cousin literally know only how to use this stuff.

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                  JEShort01 Level 4

                  You've just about got it now!


                  Your cousin will have to learn about where to store file and how to clean up scratch folders etc. to use PPro.


                  Regarding the 60GB SSD, yes to keeping preview files on it, but no to captured video / audio.


                  Netither Scratch files nor cache files are not cleared when closing Premiere.



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                    witek1992 Level 1

                    So we're making some progress


                    Yeah, I'll give him some serious homework.


                    So I assume that Captured Video/Audio stay on the RAID. What about Media Cache and Media Cache Database do they both go on the smaller SSD?


                    Looks like a system setup like this needs some proper maintenance.


                    Do these principles also apply to After Effects or is there something more?

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                      Only 60 GB SSD will be too small for Media Cache. I have only a very few projects under way now, and only PR, no AE, but it already occupies 59 GB on my disk.

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                        witek1992 Level 1

                        So where should they go? Both stay on the big SSD just like in default settings?

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          Here's how I'd set it up.


                          C: System (500GB)

                          D: Projects (1TB)

                          E: Scratch (1TB)

                          F: Media (1TB)

                          G: Exports (1TB)


                          60GB - Paperweight.