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    Specific point in video makes Premiere element crash




      I have a problem which is PISSING ME OFF!!!


      I have a video file recorded with Dxtory, in minecraft, And most of the video is fine. Doesn't come up with errors or crashes in Windows media player.

      BUT, Then I take the video and play it, in a certain point in the video, it crashes premiere elements, no error messages, no freezing, Just "Adobe premiere stopped working".


      This bug or what ever it is, is a deal with the video file, because I can through what ever video I want at Premiere elements, and if it doesn't have Xvid as codec, its fine. (Yeas I have checked if the video file is Xvid, and its not)


      I have tried to convert the file to mp4 = new issue = just the audio

      I have tried to compress the file = issue = elements doesn't like Xvid

      I have tried to run a booster mode, cut the edited video in half, render the first part with no problems =  still crashing at the "crashing point" (so its not a memory issue)


      Is there Any beautiful super humans with the answer to everything, that can help me please?


      Thank you