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    Fade in (Menu)


      Hello, guys. i just wanna ask something. I am trying to create a new menu in Encore. My background in Menu is a video which starts smoothly with black screen (Fade in). I also created some buttons for Menu. And...Is there a way to make the button starting from 0 percent of opacity to 100 of opacity (also Fade in)? I dont want to see anything, like while the video will being appeared the buttons will be shown immediatly.

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          Stan Jones ACP/MVP

          The "loop point" is a way to designate when the buttons will appear. See "Set the Menu Loop Point" here:




          You don't have to use After Effects, but I think these help files are more  useful.

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            Pogrebnyak97 Community Member

            So, there is also a way to use After Effects for buttons? Well, when I opened the After Effects using the encore....everything what I had in Encore was also in After Effects. However, when I added some effect to the object (in encore it is a button), in encore it didnt change anything. Are there any importnant things what i should do? Thank you!

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              Pogrebnyak97 Community Member

              Oh, now it is ok, i have watched some tutorial :-). Anyway, thank you very much.

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                the_wine_snob Community Member

                I often do similar with just PrPro and Encore. I create a Video from the PSD, but without the Buttons visible, and "animate" it with a Dip-to-Black, to fade in the Menu (you can easily have a Video playing, basically as a PiP (Picture in Picture). I might then animate the "appearance" of the Buttons, say having them fly onto the Menu from off-screen. Note: at that point, they are not REAL Buttons, but just animated graphic elements. As soon as they hit their position, that "intro" Video (set to Play First in Encore) ends, and then links to the real Menu.


                In AE, you can have real Buttons animated in.


                Good luck,