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    Changing art file names without reimporting?


      I have a book project just completed with about 150 pieces of art imported ... the publisher would like the art file names appended with the book title on them. I can do that easily enough in Bridge, but is there a way to accomplish this within InDesign so all 150 won't show up as missing and have to be reimported? Thanks!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I've moved this from the general discussions to the scripting forum. If there's a solution, it's more likely these folks will have it.

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            Jump_Over Level 5



            I can see 2 ways:


            1. you prepare a copies of files with changed names and script could relink all graphics

            2. script could embed each graphic and unembed it to a new file with new name created in a new or chosen folder


            both solutions need more info from your side




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              booyajamo Level 1



              Here's a solution I used for myself in a similar situation to yours. The approach is similar to what Jarek suggests in #1. This script should relink all graphics including anchored/inline graphics and multiple instances of the same link. It puts the links in the format listed below (which you can change). Assuming your document name is "test.indd":


              links are named:







              //set active document
              var doc = app.activeDocument;
              //set document name
              var docName = doc.name.split(".")[0];
              //set destination folder
              var destFolder = "~/Desktop/test/";
              //count links
              linkCount = doc.links.length;
              //loop through links
              for (i=linkCount-1; i>=0; i--) {
                  //get current link name
                   var currentLink = doc.links[i];
                   var clFullName = currentLink.name;
                   var clFullNameCount = clFullName.length;
                   var clName = clFullName.split(".")[0];
                   //get current link file path
                   var clFilePath = currentLink.filePath;
                   var clFilePathCount = clFilePath.length;
                   var clFilePathSplitList = clFilePath.split (":");//<--- the colon is specific to mac file paths change to / for windows
                   var clFilePathListCount = clFilePathSplitList.length;
                   var clFileName = clFilePathSplitList[clFilePathListCount-1];
                   var clFileNameCount = clFileName.length;
                   //check for link status
                   if (currentLink.status == LinkStatus.NORMAL) {
                           //set filename without document name
                           var clNameNoPrefix = clFullName;
                           //set relink destination folder & filename
                           var reLinkDest = destFolder + docName + "_" + clNameNoPrefix;
                           //set relink destination file
                           var relinkDestFile = File (reLinkDest);
                           //check if link is named and relinked
                           if (!relinkDestFile.exists) { 
                               //relink file
                               currentLink.copyLink (new File (reLinkDest));
                               //relink to already existing file
                               } else if (reLinkDest != clFilePath && relinkDestFile.exists) {
                                   //relink file
                                  currentLink.relink (relinkDestFile);
                            //alert user link is inaccessible
                           } else if (currentLink.status == LinkStatus.LINK_INACCESSIBLE || currentLink.status == LinkStatus.LINK_MISSING || currentLink.status == LinkStatus.LINK_OUT_OF_DATE) {
                               //alert user
                               alert (clFullName + "\n\nThis link is missing, out of date, or inaccessible and can not be updated.")
              alert ("Done.");