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    Sub Picture problem in Encore CS6

    welchphoto Level 1

      I am working on my first bluray project. I made the Menu for Encore as I have make many in Photoshop.

      The video is 1280 x 720 so I made the Menu 1280 x 720.

      The problem is with the Highlight layers, but not all of them.

      Here is a composite of 3 screen shots of a preview of the menu in Encore.

      The top shows the left most button the Highlight shows only 3/4 of the button.

      The middle shows how middle three buttons work fine.

      The lower section shows the second from the right button, it does not work fully and part of the 6th button is on.

      When I let Encore create a sub picture the same thing happened.

      I have made sure that the GROUP boundaries do not over lap. I have moved the 1st, 5th and 6th button further away from each other but it still happens.


      Anyone have any ideas?