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    Browse buttons NOT working


      I'm having problems getting 'browse buttons' to work properly(the buttons that browse your computer when uploading something online).

      Reverbnation keeps telling me it's because of flash. I have a new i7 computer, fresh install, IE10, etc. I've uninstalled and reinstalled flash several times as well as Java. I'm paying for promotions on sites and the bloody flash player(apparently) will not allow me to 'browse' and upload. The flash player tests fine at the test link/page. As well, aside from that....what is wrong with your install page...for installing flash...the stupid thing always 'times out'?


      I need some help getting this thing figured out quick. It's been a problem for the last 3 weeks.


      What is wrong with the flash player and why can't i click 'browse' buttons? It's very annoying and it's hampering my online transactions.