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    Cannot save in InDesign CS6

    Ignatius Fay Level 1

      About three weeks ago, InDesign CS6 began acting up. When I had been using and saving a document for half an hour or so, I would lose the ability to save the document. All the save-related commands became grayed out. I came to the forum for advice, thinking it was that one document. I was advised that the file had become corrupted, and that I should export it as an idml file, then open it and resave it. That worked.


      Over the intervening weeks, it has happened several times, on several different documents. The problem is intermittent. I can work for an hour with no problems. Then another time, the save command will become unavailable after typing one sentence.


      I am using OS 10.8.3 on a Quad-core Mac Plus with 16GB of RAM


      Obviously something vital to the program has become corruped. Any ideas or suggestions?