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    Possible to set mouse cursor during NativeDragDrop operation?

    BorekB Level 1

      In an AIR app, I am trying to implement a tab interface like the one in Firefox or Chrome where you can drag a tab and create a new window from it. All goes well except when I drag the mouse out of my application over the (Windows) OS, the mouse cursor indicates that the system will not accept the drop operation. It shows something like this: http://www.iconfinder.com/icondetails/42419/16/denied_icon


      It is technically not a problem as my app will still receive a nativeDragComplete event but is bad for user experience. What I would like to achieve is to show a normal mouse pointer and display a drag indicator next to it, like browsers do. Can I somehow force the NativeDragManager not to show the denied icon?


      I've tried playing with various clipboard formats as it seems to be influencing the mouse pointer but couldn't find a complete solution to this problem. Any ideas?