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    Registered Elements 10 suddenly thinks it is a trial version?????


      I purchased Elements 10 some time ago.  A couple months ago, I had to replace my computer, and I had some difficulty installing Elements onto my new system (Win 7 64 bit).  I finally got it installed, and now today when I clicked CTRL+I to edit a photo, I received a display box offering me a choice of either using a "Trial" version of Elements 10 or BUY one.  WTF is going on here?  I have been using Elements 10 for over a year, and a couple months on my new laptop.  I've tried looking the in the HELP or About areas for the serial number to key in again, but I can't locate it.  NEVER again will I buy downloaded software from Adobe (or anyone) ... I want the serial number where I can see it.  Does anyone have any idea why Elements suddenly thinks I don't have it installed?  I've been using it regularly for the last couple months since reloading it without any problems.  I have to edit some photos quickly ... HELP!!   Where can I locate my serial # to key into the boxes on the display?