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    Video Scaling issue? (unintentional resizing in playback!)


      Hi All, thanks in advance for any help!



      Creating an eBook for the iPad. (iPad format specs, etc.)  Have short playable video clips on most pages, some next to a type column, some not. Full spread videos play/preview perfectly.


      I realized I could say huge amounts of size if I played/recorded many of the videos at less than full 1024x768 scale.  Tried it recording with a smaller video (example: 600 x 768), scaled within frame using usual "fitting" options. All looked fine until preview/playback when the video previewed as "full screen" (and distorted) running behind my type layer.


      I've looked everywhere for a playback toggle to play at spec'ed frame size within the page, but it always seems to play full-screen. (aspect ratio seems irrelevant to issue btw.)


      Anyone understand what's going on and how to control it properly to play at a reduced scale if I desire?


      Thanks everyone!

      John Clapp