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    Only playback and scrubbing stopped working after random period of time.


      Hello all, I am having a strange issues that is hard for me to figure out as I don't use Premiere that much. I am working on a project that requires me to use Premiere and that is why I have started to have this issue. I am editing Canon .mov footage and everything works fine and is very responsive. It feels like different amounts of time each time but lets just say after 30 min. of things going smoothly something just happens and I no longer get playback to work. I can grab the playback head in the timeline and move it and it just doesn't change the video in the playback monitor. The playback monitor is frozen on the last display when issue happened. Every other aspect of the program appears to be working and I can even go in and save the project. I can enter preferences and change things and the only side effect I noticed is after exiting preferences there are parts of the menu screen frozen on over where the preview and playback monitors are. If I close the program it then just turns all white and freezes there no matter how long I leave it. I have to force close it at this point.


      If it helps I am working on a I7 980x with 24gb ram. Nvidia Quadro 4000 card. OS is on a ssd on a Sata 6G port as well a footage being on a separate ssd on a Sata 6G port. I have a RAID 10 but don't typically run footage off of that. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I never had this problem with CS5 when I edited a big project. Hardware setup was the same then so no change there.