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    Equivalent Adobe image work software?

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      A tad off topic, but to help my elderly mom and possibly facilitate the purchase of Adobe software. Mom is a retired executive assistant. She's fed up with her ancient PC (hardware designed for Win 2000 at best but running XP) and is shopping for a new one with help from me and my brother. Her main concern is finding a modern equivalent for her beloved Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition 1.1. She spends at least half of each day building documents in MS Word using scanned photos (genealogy and community activism).


      I know version 4 of PhotoDeluxe can still be purchased at Amazon, but the topic of Photoshop Elements 11 may come up, given all the people she is asking for advice. She is very much locked into the workflow pattern of her PhotoDeluxe.  Trying to decide whether to upgrade to the last version of that, or place her in a situation where she has to re-learn everything by using Photoshop Elements. Comments?

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          As you are probably aware Photodeluxe is old software. Stopped in 2002 and replaced with elements. Hence we are on version 11 ( 12 rumours coming out )


          They will all do what you need for scanning, even the freebie Gimp way  more powerful than elements and probably overkill.


          Either one though have a good help basic via youtube / google.


          With older folk, and by that i mean people over 50 who are sorta self taught do no like change. I regularly help at least 10 older people but no matter how much i tell them the easier way they always revert to what they know.


          So in my opinion and as a suggestion http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=photoshop_elements&loc=us get your mum to play with this for  few says / month see how she likes it, you might be pleasantly surprised.


          After that assuming mum does, then your decision is made.


          They gave photodeluxe away free here ( UK ) tended to come scanners / cameras etc.

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            Yes a trial run is definitely the easiest path. Knowing what I do about her typical work pattern, I may even process a photo on my own so I know the basic steps, then give her a quick demo of how quickly she can get the results she wants. Fortunately, although she is older, she remains quite sharp, so I expect success.