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    RH7 for iSeries Products

      Hi All,

      We are a company which develops applications in both WOS (Windows Open System) and non-WOS (As/400, Linux as well as Unix) platforms. Currently we are in the process of integrating context sensitive help for our non-WOS applications. Can anyone suggest a suitable tool for that?

      Will RoboHelp 7.0 help us in developing context-sensitive help for our non-WOS applications? If yes, can anyone tell us the process to integrate the help system in these applications? Also, what output should we define for our online help project?

      Note: Most of our documents are in .fm (FrameMaker 8.0) format.

      Thanks in advance
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          The WebHelp output works well for context-sensitive help, by simply calling topic URLs (the AcctMainFrm screen calls the AcctMainFrm.htm file, for example). Because we maintain merged WebHelp output, we also provide a flat file that identifies the topic's location under the root (ex: AcctMainFrm, mergedProjects\mainhelp). If you can't or won't name the screens and files identically, simply append the actual file name, as in AcctMainFrm, mergedProjects\mainhelp\Accounts_Main_Screen.htm. For the target topic to appear in the usual three-pane frameset, the application call must go through the "Start Page" first (ex: StartPage.htm#AcctMainFrm.htm).

          If you want to continue editing in FM, I understand that you can integrate them in an RH project if you're working with Adobe's new Technical Communication Suite (TCS) product (RH, FM, etc.).

          Good luck,
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            AuroTechWriter Level 1
            I am sorry! I could not get you. I think, that answer is for a different query. Can you please verify the same?
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              Hello AuroTechWriter,

              I believe Leon was answering your query. I will help break down his answer for you.

              RoboHelp offers an output called WebHelp. It is essentially a help system designed using HTML and a few other related technologies. This is a very portable output, in other words, it works in most environments with most current browsers. It also offers context sensitive help via the method Leon suggested.

              As Leon also stated, the new Technical Communication Suite offers enhanced FrameMaker to RoboHelp capabilities that will suite your needs very well.

              I hope this helps.


              Bobby Walker
              Adobe Customer Care
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                AuroTechWriter Level 1
                Thanks a lot for clarifying the answer for me. But I want to know, is there a specific technique for integrating the WebHelp in the iSeries based applications. Because, a WebHelp needs a browser to display the help content and my application developed in the AS/400 platform does not support any browser. In this scenario, how do I approach the help integration process.

                Leon: I am sorry, not to have understood your answer properly.

                Thanks in advance.
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                  Hello AuroTechWriter -

                  Need more info from you as the WebHelp should work just fine. This from Wikipedia about iSeries:


                  "The IBM System i includes an extensive library-based operating system, I5/OS, and is also capable of supporting multiple instances of AIX, Linux, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. While I5/OS, AIX, Linux and Lotus Domino are supported on the POWER processors, Windows is supported with either single-processor internal blade servers (IXS) or externally-linked multiple-processor servers (IXA)."

                  WebHelp works fine under Linux, Lotus Domino and Windows. As for I5/OS, this from Wikipedia:


                  "Though not natively a graphical operating system, the Client Access Licensed Product includes iSeries Navigator a client based and web based version for graphical system and database administration and for the Apache web server and WebSphere Application Server, there is web based administration."

                  Regarding AIX, this from Wikipedia:


                  "Common Desktop Environment (CDE) is AIX's default graphical user interface. As part of Linux Affinity and the free AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications (ATLA), open-source KDE and GNOME desktop are also available."

                  - which means very good browser support thus WebHelp will work just fine.

                  Download the RH7 trial version and give it a test drive.

                  Linux Rules