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    Advice on a backup system

    yash-lucid Level 1

      Hi there, I need some advice on a backup system.


      I currently have my main editing machine with a few drives for editing, os etc, then I have a little HP Microserver for backups. I would like to have a backup of the backup, or a secondary backup as well. Please advise on what the best course of action is? In the server, I currently have:


      OS Drive

      Data Drive 1

      Data Drive 2

      Backup Drive

      -External backup drive


      The Backup Drive is able to handle both Data Drives, so I am considering using EaseUs todo backup to backup both data drives to the backup drive, and then use Windows Backup to backup both data drives onto the external.


      Thoughts and advice? Thanks!

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          There are so many possibilities and with various pros and cons.


          I am very happy using image software (I use ShadowProtect) to backup my OS/programs drive and a directory comparison tool (I strongly endorse Beyond Compare) to backup all of my data drives.



          - third party Win7/8 imaging tools are very fast and do a good job of allowing you to restore to a different size / type of drive in the event of a failure (i.e. 128GB SSD to 250GB hard drive); Windows has a built in backup tool but it is neither flexible or fail proof from what I've heard

          - directory comparison tool for data drives because they only need to copy what is new or changed (very fast) and you don't need any special method or software to see, copy, use your backup data