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    Premier Pro CS6 Freezing monitors

    Edward Rozzo

      I'm running CS6 Premier off the Cloud and am running into serious freeze up with no rendering available with the warning "Unknown Problem". I'm running a Mac Pro with 10.6.8 and a Nivdia GeForce 285 card with the latest driver. Premier 5.5 never gave me a problem. Also the CS6 tells me that the Virtual Discs are not available. It asks me to say OK to placing them in the Documents Folder, and I say yes because there's 14 Gb of space free on the HD. I'm running files off of a LaCie eSata 3 Gb link in Raid which has never given me a problem. Got any ideas what's happening? Or is CS6 just so much more faster than 5.5 because it eats up my computer and I need a new video card? I'm running a MacPro with a 6-core Intel Xeon at 3,33 GHz and I've got 24 Gb Ram. Any advice welcome!