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    altering stroke weigths of path with multiple strokes?


      Hi @all,


      I just started to learn illustrator cs6 with some video tutorials but now I'm stuck...


      I have created a path with multiple strokes, which differ in weight and color.

      I can save that as a profile but it's really tedious if I want to alter the different colours and strokeweigths.


      I can't seem to do record an action which will automatically alter those parameters (f.ex. raise each strokeweight by 10pt.).

      All I get is just an action that will recreate the altered state during recording (f.ex. stroke weights  20, 10 >--Action-->  15, 5).

      I cannot start the action and raise or lower my strokeweights at once based on the current parameters.


      Can you tell me how I can achieve this?


      Thanks in advance!!