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    Reveal Paragraph Panel shortcut not working properly


      It's Option+Command+T.


      This happens after start-up...

      1. Formating text...create text on page
      2. Press select all (Com+A)
      3. Press 'Com+T" activate a field in the Character Panel,
      4. Press Opt+Com+-T to apply Paragraph level attributes... the Paragraph Panel does not appear.
      5. Switch to any other application that has some function for Opt+Com+-T (including The Finder) and it's working within the respective application.
      6. Return to Illustrator... and the Opt+Com+T function works.
      7. What is causing it to activate?



      iMac 3.4GHz

      32 GB Ram

      Apple Wired Keyboard and Mouse

      Intuos 4 Wacom Tablet