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    Can't output same aspect ratio as source file

    bigmanfontu Level 1

      I have a ripped Blu-ray movie in mp4 format with the dimensions of 1280 x 528 and an aspect ratio of 2:35:1.  Currently I'm using Premiere Pro to edit down the film into a new HD trailer.


      The issue I'm having seems to stem from exporting the video into to the proper aspect ratio.  I've got it under the format of h.264, with the correct dimensions of 1280 x 528, like my original source file.  I also have the "Source Scaling" set to Scale to Fit.  However, the different options under the "aspect" drop down menu don't allow me to select 2:35:1.  The closest option I get is D1/DV NTSC (0.9091), which seems to produce an output video of 2:40:1.  This means there are tiny black bars at the top and bottom of the video.


      I did find I can get rid of the black bars by ticking the "Match Sequence Settings" box, however that only allows for mpeg format, which is definitely not ideal with this type of video.


      Would anyone happen to know how to output to the correct aspect and eliminate the bars at the top and bottom of the video?