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    Basic Help With CFPROGRESSBAR Tag

    Gary1 Level 1

      Am hoping someone can provide some high-level guidance, to implementing the CFPROGRESSBAR tag in my CF web reports.  Am trying to determine WHERE this tag goes. 


      Most of my CF reports start with a FORMpage, that contains a FORM or CFFORM, with various user options (dates, regions, etc.), and a SUBMIT button.  The SUBMIT calls an ACTIONpage, which begins with INVOKING the SQL stored in a seperate .CFC file.  Then, the ACTIONpage takes the SQL results, and formats the report using mostly HTML.


      I would like my users to know that, when they click the SUBMIT button on the FORMpage, that their request is being processed.  Today, it just sits there, and if query takes awhile to run, the user might re-click the SUBMIT button.  They need to know something is going on, using CFPROGRESSBAR, or even better, a graphic showing "PROCESSING", etc.


      Am trying to determine WHERE the CFPROGRESSBAR goes.  Does it go before or after the INVOKE of the .CFC on the ACTIONpage?  What if anything goes on the FORMpage?  Any pre-AJAX script/code?  Or does that go also on the ACTIONpage?


      Again, just looking for some high-level guidance.  I've got a lot of instructions, just nothing that explains how to implement in the scenario just described with FORM and ACTION pages.  Thank you.