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    mocha experts in the auditorium?

    idar lettrem Level 1

      First of all - excuse I'm posting here, but I'm not allowed to post at the mocha forum ( odd - relates to longevity of "membership" ??? )

      Therefore here:
      My first attempt to perform a remove in mocha wasn't that great a succes.

      In the footage shown * in the upper player you'll find the original footage. Below there's a modified version that implied

      1/ twixtor pro, and

      2/ my attempt to remove the footsteps in the snow at the left hand side as seen in the original footage. This was done via a "clean plate"-procedure , illumination model = linear (wow - rendering times!) 


      Flaring aside - there  are still obvious "remnants" of these steps in form of shading ( excuse my insufficient english ) where they originally were placed .... You see  a grey belt traversing.  Now - in my opinion this is a bit dissapointing - not a tragedy though - and I wonder why this occured ? As I see it, the footage is quite homogenous with respect to exposure / white balance and judged as suited for a single screen plate procedure (taken at the last, most relevant frame) but maybe I should've reffered to two clean plates instead of one?

      Any other comments / reflections on this would be welcome


      *    http://progresit.com/mocharemove.html

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are a couple of excellent tutorials on the Mocha site that show you how to do this with Mocha AE. It's a matter of sampling some of the frame from a different point in time. You don't need Twixtor for that, you need the camera to move. Your shot doesn't move much. I would take a much easier approach.


          I'd take a frame of your movie when the camera is at the end of it's pan left move into Photoshop and clone out the tracks then carefully track the shot, overlay the Photoshop file with a feathered mask and be done with it. Once you have the original footage fixed you should render it to a production codec or pre-compose the composite. I'd then add a solid to the project, apply Twixtor to the solid and reference either your rendered footage or the pre-comp. There's enough detail in the snow that Twixtor should be able to do a very good track and lock your replacment plate solidly to the shot. Add a rotoed copy of the original footage if the skier intrudes into the shot when he lands.


          If you really wanted to you could even clone out the hole in the snow on the right. It would take some fairly intensive roto work to get the powder to overlay properly, but it should be done using the same track info. Your comp would look like this:


          Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 5.33.25 PM.png

          It took less than 5 minutes to clone out the tracks in Photoshop.

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            Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

            1. Track those footprints in Mocha and then attach tracking data to Clone Stamp tool in After Effects. See e.g. this thread on how to do that.

            2. Either precompose your Clone Stamped footage or add an adjustment layer and then apply Twixtor on it.

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              idar lettrem Level 1

              @ Fussy : I'm on CS5 , is it possible to link a clone stamped layer to a null(containing tracking data) -( silly question maybe - but I can't find that option, even after digging quite abit

              @Rick . Made a new attempt following your suggestions on the  workflow - without Mocha Pro -  result can be seen here (  http://www.progresit.com/mocharemove.html )  Scroll down to the third video_player. Not perfect, but sufficient for me and my amateur world.

              Maybe it's my fingers and my brain, but Mocha, more than helping me out, messed it up. So -for this project I found plain point tracking in AE more useful, but then again I need to evolve my skills on using Mocha.


              Happy easter !

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                Fuzzy Barsik Level 4
                I'm on CS5 , is it possible to link a clone stamped layer to a null(containing tracking data)?

                Yes. Check out the discussion, link to which I submitted, - it contains the description on how to do that and the screenshot of expanded Clone Stamp effect properties: twirl down Paint, then Clone and then Transform: Clone, you'll see Position, Scale and Rotation for this Clone Stamp.


                P.S. The result of footprints cleaning on your 3-rd video is much better.