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    CS6 video clips bleeding together


      I am working on a second edit of some video footage and I'm having a very strange problem I can not find any answers to. I'll try to explain the best I can.


      I have a clip on video track 1 which runs up to a clip on video track 2 without any transitions. Since beginning the second edit I noticed that some of my cuts where slightly off, maybe by a couple ms. When I zoomed in to take a look, what I found was that the first few ms of footage on track 2 is actually footage from the end of video on track 1. I believe the problem started when I used Warp Stabilizer on the footage on track 1. It is very obvious now with the stabilized footage because when the play head reaches the footage on track 2 it plays the unstablized/uncropped footage from track 1 for a few ms. The content that has bled over is only effected by effects on the track 2 footage. Premiere is treating it as though it IS a part of that footage. I hope this makes sense. 


      This is also happening to a few clips that are on the same track.


      I have been able to work around and correct the issue by replacing clips that have been effected but with the size of the project this is not an option.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.