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      Okay, I have been checking out the various tutorials and such, and I don't mind admitting that I am feeling a bit over my head on this stuff.  But there is one problem I am hitting from the get-go that has me stumped.  Everyone here is telling me that there should be no problem in linking to the higher rez files, but I AM having a problem, and I am sure it is just due to my ignorance.  Be that as it may, here is the situation:


      As I stated before, I have my DIT guy transcode all my footage to 1080p for editing purposes, so now I am trying to replace with the raw 4K files.  But when I access the files my premiere CS5 doesn't recognize them.  I can see them in the folders as R3D files, but Premiere won't access them or even recognize that they exist.


      What am I doing wrong?  If any of you can point me in the right direction, or post some links to whatever tutorials will enlighten me, it would be sincerely appreciated.