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    11.6.602.180 wont play you tube videos


      I am running MS Windows XP Professional X64 (Server2003) SP 2 Build 3790 / 5.2.3790 and internet explorer seven 7.05730.13 and have installed  flash player 11.6.602.180


      The above OS runs WOW Windows on windows as a standard feature and is capable running (and does run) both 32 bit and 64 bit programes


      Flash is not recognised by the Flash player in 3 steps screen and when attempting to play videos on YouTube I get a dialouge which reads: "You need Adobe Flash player to watch this video Download it from Adobe"


      "And You are using an outdated browser which youtube no longer supports "


      Which is odd because I got the same result with IE 8 and an adjacent machine running IE8 and XP 32 bit works perfectly



      Does anyone have any idea why it is not working ?