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    TOC with section headers

    shjaredarj Level 1

      I have a booklet that I recreate (with different information) each month.  I have a master format set up-- but run into problems every time trying to get a TOC correct.  I'm thinking that I haven't set it up correctly in the first place - it surely shouldn't be this difficult.  Whereas I repeat this process each month, I want to get it right to save myself the headache in the future.


      In a nutshell:  I need a running section header (I have about 20 sections) where the first page will be noted in the TOC.



      A booklet that contains about 20 different sections - most only 2 pages long. 

      I need the section title to show up on each page and the first page of the section to show up in the TOC.


      What I have done that doesn't work well

      Set up a master page with a 'section' marker

      In the pages, I begin a new section where appropriate and in the 'section' dialog box I add the title for the new section

      That all works great... until

      I override the section title on the first page of each section - so that it will show up in the TOC - And that's where the trouble begins.


      Problems I am having:

      Some sections are showing up in the TOC on the wrong line (with the wrong page number)

      some sections don't show up at all (they won't override even the override is checked)

      Once I override - the section title is duplicated (there is a portion on top I can manipulate and one underneath that I can't.  If I delete the one on top, the section no longer appears in the TOC)


      I spend hours each month on this same problem!



      Is there a better way to set this up in the first place?  It doesn't seem logical that one should have to override each section in order to have something appear in the TOC

      If not, what in the world am I doing wrong?