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    CMYK values of an imported image don't match with CMYK in Illustrator

    billef32 Level 1

      Hello everyone. I made a simple poster using photoshop to make the background and illustrator to make the fonts and some other stuff.

      In CMYK my black is just 100% K ( in photoshop)



      When placing image in illustrator the 100% K (black) changes to different black with C M Y added. But then when I save it as PDF the preview shows black as a bit grey (which is something normal- in print it will be just black). So my question is .. should I change enything just to be able to see a 100% K in illustrator in order to match CMYK values of Photoshop? Or should I leave it this way? I guess if I am getting a "grey" in PDF preview is something good isn'it? because in photoshop when I set to 100%K in my screeen it looks like grey and not total black.