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    Student Needs Help w/ Developing a Workflow


      Hey Guys,


      I'm a film student and i'm trying to develop a editing/ effects/ color workflow. I would like to use Media Composer 6.5, Adobe After Effects CS6, and Davinci Resolve 9 Lite  in conjunction with each other.

      Also, I do have Automatic Duck and Boris AE Transfer, but the issue is knowing the proper codecs and ways to export the files and projects.


      If someone could give me a simple outline of a workflow that would work with these applications.


      - I typically edit in Media Composer using AMA.

      - I use After Effects for effects work.

      - I prefer to color in Davinci Resolve.

      - Using Mac OSX 10.8.3


      From here is where I get lost and confused on how to export my project from Adobe After Effects into Davinci Resolve. Also i'm confused on exporting my Davinci Resolve project. I've tried exporting AAF from both Resolve and After Effects, however when I import that AAF back into Media Composer the media is offline.


      I'm not tying to steal anyone's secret formula lol, I'm just in need of a little guidance in developing a reliable workflow using the aforementioned applications.


      Thanks in advance…

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's a simple rule you should follow. Export to a production codec. You can use the same codec you're using in Media Composer or you could use any production codec that has a higher bit depth and less compression. You never want to go with a lower quality than the highest quality of your footage.


          Here's the only caviot. If your footage came from a compressed source like a DSLR (mpeg.4) or even worse a camera that uses AVCHD then you should consider transcoding any shots that are going to require extensive processing to a 10 bit production codec.


          I hope this helps.

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            Matt Dubuque Level 1

            Hello, follow Rick's advice here and take it to the bank!


            Note how he refers to a "production codec".


            To get a handle on what a "production codec" is, the thread I have attached helps explain the difference between production codecs and delivery codecs. 


            This is an essential distinction that must be mastered if you are serious about your work.