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    GPU Load for properly working hardware acceleration?

    nevadasteele Level 1

      Recently installed a GTX 660 Ti card, modified the GPU text file to enable it and enabled 'Mercury Playback Engine' in Premiere Pro CS6, as recommended in this forum.


      However, performance is disappointing and  I am wondering if everything is configured properly.


      Using GPU-Z utility, I am seeing only modest increases in GPU Load when performing tasks that should be GPU accelerated, such as Warp Stabilizer or exporting/rendering videos. Right now, for instance, I am running Warp Stabilizer on a 5 minute clip and my GPU Load is running at 1% average, occasionally a little higher. During export render it is more like 8 to 10 %.


      Is this as it should be? Or should the GPU be working harder?


      My old Q6600 is due for replacing  and it needs all the help it can get!