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    My Edge Website. Take a look. Also need some help with ..


      Hi everyone,


      i started this about 2 months ago. This was when i discovered Edge Animate.

      I just wrapped the whole thing in a div in Dreamweaver because of the like buttons. Please do like if you like :-)


      Please let me know of any hiccups you might encouter and what i can fix!




      I do though have a couple of problems that i would like to solve.



      Does anyone know how to get a  0% to 100% numerical Preloader working from within Edge Animate.

      What i'm looking for is to use javascript (jquery) in the Edge Animate 'document.compositionReady' window

      and target my divs that have content, and have a percentage graphic or numbers in lets say div A

      until the content of the div B has fully loaded in the background.

      I dont know how to code so i would really need an example of what code and where exactly to put it and the syntax.

      Also my content is not really loading fully. Has to be played once to get it to run smoothly. (Shark and Fragments!)


      Does Edge load (buffer)  elements on a nested timeline that are turned off?! eg Stage/Symbol A/Symbol inside Symbol A/Graphics on the timeline of Symbol inside Symbol A that are turned off.




      How can i control the timeline of an swf loaded into an iframe.

      Again, with javascript (jquery) from the 'document.compositionReady' window.


      I've published the Edge Animate Composition with Preloader on immediate, not on Polite, so you may get loading while your


      trying to view two of the three things i have in there!