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    Interactive PDF with page curl


      HI there

      I am trying to create an interactive pdf with page curl from a book created in indesign CS5 that has multiple chapters. I found out how to do it with one file, however in the export menu for the book there is only the option to export it as a pdf or an epub file. No swf...


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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Page curl does not work with PDF, only with SWF.

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            Petteri_Paananen Level 4

            I suppose you are talking about a work-around method where you export your actual layout as SWF and then place that SWF-file back to InDesign and export that as Interactive PDF?

            Unfortunately you can use that method properly with 1SWF/1PDF combination only (as you have noticed). And there is no easy way to export multiple indd-files to one SWF.

            Your only option is to combine your indd-documents to one indd manually. I think Move Pages tool in Pages panel´s menu is the best tool for that but prepare yourself to face problems with styles, master pages, pagesizes, preferences etc


            If I were you, I´d try to find some other way to produce you eMagazine....