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    Text Input Field interferes with buttons

      I'm creating an educational game that involves a gallery of images named thumbbarEZ3 that you can flip through using a pair of buttons, and a text input field named pick1[2, 3, etc] for entering a number. A strange glitch has come up: from the moment the focus is set on the text field (i.e., you click in it to enter a number) the forward-back buttons get balky. If you keep clicking in the same spot the images won't flip even though the mouseover/hit state of the button is lit--you have to move the cursor slightly to make it work again. I've tried a number of fixes. The text box is on its own layer, each instance of it in the game has a unique name, and the idiot-simple script for the forward-back buttons makes no reference to it whatsoever.

      The script is assigned to the buttons themselves rather than using an event listener--could that be the problem? Can anyone point me to a reason why setting the focus on a text box should interfere with a completely unassociated script on the page?

      Here's the simple script, FWIW:

      on (press) {

      That's on the back button; the foward one uses nextFrame() obviously. Text thumbbarEZ3 thumbbarEZ3