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    CS6 Premiere Pro Playback and Rendering Issues


      Hello Everyone,


      I recently went to Best Buy and decided to try out a middle of the road graphics card. I've been shooting some GoPro footage in 2.7 and 4K & noticed that when I try and playback the footage in premiere, it chokes. I didn't get much advice about what graphics card to buy for video editing so I went with the GeForce GTX 650 2GB. The card was able to play the footage off of my desktop pretty well but when I try and playback the footage in premiere, it still plays choppy at all playback resolutions. Note that this is with the Mercury Playback Engine (hardware) enabled. I realized the card wasn't performing better than my RAM and processor had before hand, except speeding up some rendering times, so I decided to return it. Now that my card has been removed from my system, premiere runs like crap. Before the graphics card, my PC was able to playback footage in full quality at 1080p w/ some effects, never rendering required, and without any dropped frames. Now my computer can't playback 1080p smooth at 1/4 quality with no effects. As soon as I drop any footage in my timeline it has the red bar.. I have gone into preferences and switched memory settings from performance to memory and made sure that premiere had atleast 10GB of ram to use but that still didn't help. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


      System Info:


      Windows 7

      Intel i7 2600 3.4GHz

      Intel HD 3000 Graphics

      16GB RAM

      1.5TB 7200