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    When having placed an Illustrator logo, it's not antialiased unless at 100%


      Hi There!


      I just placed an Illustrator Logo in my InDesign document. At a zoom level of 100%, it looks perfectly fine. But at a lower zoom (i.e. 60% since it's a huge file) there seems to be no anti aliasing and it looks all "choppy". The same thing happens in presentation mode (where it should be at 100% I guess, since the document size is in pixels and matches my screen size). When I export it as a PNG, it all looks fine, even at lower zoom levels.


      Since it's our company logo, it's quite important to me that it looks right even during preview (and especially during full screen presentation mode), since that's what I'm showing my boss.


      Is there a setting / hint for that? Thank's for any help.


      Best regards,