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    Email Setting


      I am trying to send EMAIL notification to user when some activity comes to his Inbox. I have follow below sptes:

      (I am using CQ 5.3)

      1) Created user with personal email ID on which I am expecting mail notification.

      2) Set below mail configuration in system console.



      3) I create simple workflow which gets initiated on creation of Page. I can see the notification in Inbox. But I am not getting any mail notification on that user's email.


      What can be wrong here? How I can get error if any? I am not getting any error in Inbox.

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          Yadav Brijesh Level 3



          There might be some kind of restrictions on your Network(Specially in Office Network) which won't allow you to sending e-mail using Gmail smtp port.


          If this is not the case then attache log from error.log file of while sending email from Workflow.





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            creative83 Level 1

            Link talks about 5.4, but as I mentioned, I am using CQ 5.3. Also I am not using any java class to send mail, I am using norma author workflow, which just notify user on Email as well along with Inbox notification.

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              creative83 Level 1

              Below is the error related to sending mail I got:


              *ERROR* [pool-3-thread-18-null(null)] com.day.cq.workflow.impl.email.EMailNotificationService error while sending email for -----------------------------

              WorkItem Id: /etc/workflow/instances/2013-03-26/model_89457085531321/workItems/node1_etc_workflow_inst ances_2013-03-26_model_89457085531321

              Workflow Id: /etc/workflow/instances/2013-03-26/model_89457085531321

              Payload: /content/sitesmart/en/test

              Payload Type: JCR_PATH

              key = historyEntryPath value = /etc/workflow/instances/2013-03-26/model_89457085531321/history/1364271444558


              : org.apache.commons.mail.EmailException: Sending the email to the following server failed : smtp.gmail.com:25


              I have one doubts: Why it says "smtp.gmail.com:25" here "25" is the port it is refering? If that so, I have given 465 in configuration as mentioned in my above post. Or it is jsut stack trace number?

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                Sham HC Level 7

                That's odd. Was the port 465 opened in the box cq is running? Also enable debug in mail configuration & see.