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    Suggestion BOX for Premiere Pro!!! Add your suggestions. what would you like to see in CS 6.5 or CS7


      1. I would appreciate if you could import and link files like in avid media composer.


      Sometimes we work on bigger projects and from different computers, but if I open the project on another computer I have to relink the files, what sometimes is really annoying, and sometimes I take my work  home, but can't, since the files are placed on different servers/locations I just can access at work. So, the "real" import would be very helpful.


      2. You also should be able to have the opportunity to structure your project like in avid media composer.

      If you create a new project, there should be just one place/location where your files are stored like the Avid MediaFiles folder.


      3. On the list view - it should be possible to sort assets, and in the project window the icons are still to large (even though you are already chose the smallest)


      4. Speed/Duration - It should be possible not only to adjust the % it would be nice, also to adjust the frame rate.


      e.g. you have a project/clip with 25/24fps. and you want play it in 24/25fps without skipping/interpolating frames.  Also when you render it, it should be possible to choose this option (with the information that the clip will be played slower or faster, depends what you want)  It's just like you would speed or slow down the indicator in the timeline.


      5. Is it already possible to choose a window via keyboard???

      If the source monitor is activated and I want to activate the timeline, can I do this without using the mouse, like (alt+F4)?   Jumping between the source-project monitor, project window, timeline ....  This would increase my work SPEED also if you in the source monitor and want to jump into the effects panel should be possible  without mouse (tab).


      6.  If you already work on a project and you recognize that you have the wrong audio track settings that would it be possible to change it from mono to stereo and stereo to mono.


      7.  Multicam

      If you have set up a Multicam session with many (and/or) big files, than would it be nice if you could do a right click on it and choose something like - convert to workable quality (proxies) - (also the size of the video e.g. from 720p to 360p should shrink)(option box where you can adjust the quality/size and also what premere pro suggest) because in many cases you have to convert it manually and this are some extra steps you have to do, what I think isn't necessary. After you are done with the editing you should right click again and able to choose - replace with original files - or something like that.
      Editing in MULTICAM MODUS is sometimes still a pain. We want edit sometimes in Multicam - Monitor, but every time I stop recording and press play and just want to change the camera, I get an new edit I don't want (and rec turns automatically on) Then when th rec is on and I go frame by frame and click in the multicam monitor on the camera I want, it doesn't add an edit. This all is so weird and makes multicam uncomfortable to work.


      I'm really interested what your ideas are and maybe adobe picks some of it (hopefully) to improve premiere pro.