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    Premiere pro CS6 and GeForce GTX 560 compatibility


      Good morning, I would like to ask a question about the compatibility of my GPU (GeForce GTX560 2GB DDR5 Zotac) with the acceleration engine of Premiere Pro. When I create a project, in the settings project section, at general, at the "Rendering" voice, is indicated "Only Software Mercury Playback Engine" and I cannot choose anything from this menu. So I would like to understand if my GPU is compatible with the Playback Engine or not. Sorry for my basic english, I'm italian and the Adobe site has linked me this forum for the questions about Premiere CS6 software. I would buy a book about Premiere Pro CS6, but it will be useless if my gpu is not compatible with the engine acceleration.

      If it's important to know for the reply, I have 16 gb RAM and an intel i7-3820 (sandy bridge) processor. The motherboard is a Sabertooth X79 S2011.

      Thank you so much for the reply, bye