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    Adobe Reader doesn't show everything of PDF on iPad

    Irmalina Level 1



      I have an iPad 2, iOS 6.1.3, Adobe Reader 10.5.2. I made a PDF in InDesign, with the intention to publish it on my iPad in Adobe Reader. Before 10.5.0 came, it worked fine, everything was shown.


      After I updated to the newest version, the trouble began. On my Macbook everything works fine, but when I send it to my iPad, I can only see 50% of the PDF. (Text and a few pictures are gone.) When I e-mail the PDF to my Macbook, from my iPad, it shows everything again, like nothing happened. On my iPhone it shows same amount of pics and text as on my iPad. (3 pics out of 9.)


      I tried lots of settings, but nothing works. I want to show the PDF to clients on the iPad, but not if the PDF is incomplete of course. Is this problem solvable or do I have to wait for several new updates till it's solved ór is something wrong with the PDF, settings for example?


      - Irma.