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    Application Moved?!!! PLEASE HELP

    Freddie Hutchins

      Hi I downloaded CS5.5 onto my harddrive to use on my macbook a while or go now, it's been working fine on my macbook but when I tried it today it comes up with this message -


      The application has been moved, and its path has changed. To update the product configuration, click Update.


      What the jammy is going on?!


      Even when it has opened and I try and open a project it comes up with the message DATA MISSING/PROJECT NOT FOUND.


      I recently downloaded my After effects onto an imac and opened an already existing file on the imac so how has that after effects?


      I didn't open AE from my hard drive on the imac because it only works from the hard drive on my macbook.  I opened my already existing file on the new installed AE on the Imac but has that shifted all my files somehow and confused my computer.


      How can I fix it?


      I need AE for work and deadlines and such so am having prolonged heart attack at the mo, this is urgent. Please help