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    Illustrator CS6 conflict with Wacom tablets

    chimmers Level 1

      Apologies if this has been asked before.


      Our studio has just upgraded to CS6 and my colleague and I are experiencing selection problems in AI with our Wacom tablets. I'm using an Intuos 3 and she is using an Intuos 5, we both updated our tablet drivers this morning to try and fix the problem but no joy.


      Basically what happens is a 'lag' when releasing the pen from the tablet to what happens on-screen. I select items in Illustrator by dragging a marquee around them with my Wacom pen and releasing, leaving the items selected. However when I do this in CS6, there is a noticeable delay between my release of the pen and the release of the marquee on screen, which leads to mass frustration when it ends up selecting the wrong things, or additional items. It's almost as if the pen is 'sticking' to the screen when I do this (if that makes sense). It's highly annoying!


      My colleague has a similar issue with the magnifying tool in that she selects it, clicks and drags to zoom and then when she releases the pen the tool keeps working until about half a second after the release from the tablet.


      We are both running powerful HP Workstations with 6GB RAM (Windows 7 64Bit), and CS5 worked like a dream so I know it isn't a tablet or RAM issue.


      Has anyone else had a problem with this? As I said we have updated our tablet drivers and are running the latest CS6 update, so we're stumped.



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