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    Relink path

    Kenneth C. Benson Level 4

      I'm one of a few PC users in an art department that has both Macs and PCs. At present, PC users are unable to easily print or pdf Indesign files because image links from Mac-generated files come up missing. A Mac link might look like:


      \Volumes\K_images\photos\Photo Collection\photographers\Ken Benson\2012_06_June\new images 2\_MG_1271.JPG


      The equivalent, working PC link would be


      \\VM-AP-04\K_images\photos\Photo Collection\photographers\Ken Benson\2012_06_June\new images 2\_MG_1271.JPG


      The only difference is the server: "\Volumes" on the Mac and "\\VM-AP-04" on the PC. I've been using a script written by Kasyan Servetsky that searches for missing links and relinks them, but it's (understandably) slow when there are a lot of links and a lot of folders to search through. I don't really need the script to search for links; I know where the links are. I just need it to blindly change "\Volumes" to "\\VM-AP-04" in each link path. Speed is more important than completeness. It's not important that it fix all missing links or even that it check for them; I just need it to change the server portion of the path for all links.


      Would someone be willing to write this for me? This would be worth paying for. Or maybe someone could point me to some code that does something similar that I could modify? I know just enough programming to get myself in trouble. Java would be preferable so I can modify it for the Mac people.


      Ken Benson