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    Part of my animation is not showing up




      If you load this HTML it will appear blank for 9-10 seconds than the tag line and some flyout text appears as it should. In that 9-10 there should be a simple horizontal slide-in of a logo (letters one at a time) from off stage transparent to opaque. See screen cap.




      The only thing different from the logo and the Tag and Flyouts is the logo is made up of individual SVG images from Ilustrator and the Tag and Flyout are Google WebFonts.

      This is killing me why the intial animation is not showing up. What makes it really wierd is when I run Preview in Browser it runs fine but when I publish to my server it breaks.


      AHHHHH! just swapped out the SVG files for PNGs and it works fine.... Hmmmm

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hey Pinkston, looks like you double posted on this issue. I responded to your other thread, but this version of the thread seems to have more info in it, so I'll paste my response here as well:


          Hi Pinkston, if the svg files are showing up locally, but not when you upload to a server, it may be that your server does not support the SVG MIME type.


          You can check with your system admin if this is the case, and if so, you will need to add an .htaccess file on your server to include SVG. Here's how:


          1) Use Notepad and disable word wrap, copy and paste these two lines:


          AddType image/svg+xml .svg .svgz

          AddEncoding x-gzip .svgz


          2) Save document as .htaccess


          3) Place this this file in your sites root directory