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      Hi Sorry to ask such a basic question, i'm new to the world of creating PDF Documents.

      I have tried searching before posting this question as i couldn't seem to find a satisfactory answer.


      I want to be able to autocomplete a number of fields based on the contents that a user enters in one of the fields ( in this case an audit no )

      So  I set up two fields to test it

      Text1 and text2

      lookling at some answers on the we i came up with:


      Under custom calculation script of  text1's property box i've got:


      this.getField("text2").value = this.getField("text1").value;


      but nothing happens!


      any help would be greatly appreciated





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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          While you are within a field the access to the field's properties and methods is by use of the "event" object.


          this.getField("text2").value = event.value;


          If I were setting another field from the current field, I wold us the "On Blur" action so the calculation is not repeated when any field used in any calculation is updated. On a large complex form this could improve performance.

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            Nickboy1965 Level 1

            thanks for the reply


            So if i put this:

            this.getField("text2").value = event.value;


            in the "on blur" event of text1 why does nothing happen?

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You have to update the field and tab out of the field to trigger the "On Blur" or exit actilon.

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                Nickboy1965 Level 1

                I know, it still doesn't update the field.


                I have dicovered the duplicate field option which appears to update all instances of the field with the same name followed by a  #and a number.


                vba is so more dependable....

                thank you for your time