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    Error Compiling Movie: Unknown Error - Simple Solution in Premiere


      ADOBE PREMIERE EDITORS: Be forewarned about the infamous "Error Compiling Movie: Unknown Error." It usually doesn't happen unless you're editing a big project like I am and then it screws with you because you've been editing fine until it's time to export and you can't even make your project into a movie, which defeats the purpose of all your hard work. I looked up forum after forum and finally there were a-few solutions that worked for some and not for others. (Adobe said they will get their team on this case right away.) Let's just say I do not have Final Cut Pro, so I cannot export to XML and then import into FCP to do the exporting like some people found helpful. Nor do I have the time to import my Premiere project into After Effects only to manually create all of my "dip to white" transitions. But I would have had to do that if nothing else I tried worked and thankfully, I was able to trick Premiere. It's so simple, it's stupid. Just open a new project in Premiere. Then "import" the project you wanted to export. For some odd reason, without changing anything of substance or in other words, doing practically nothing about the issue, it exports now. Just because I opened a "new" project and "imported" my old project. Of course, this may not work for others, but please try it and then reply your results. Me and I'm sure Adobe would find it very helpful to see if that worked for most people. It worked for me.


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