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    How do I de-authorize an Adobe ID?


      How do I de-authorize an Adobe ID so I can associate it to my Digital Editions account? I accidentally authorized my computer w/o an ID, and now I can't associate my Nook with my account so I can read my library ebook on my Nook? I already had a digital Editions account, and it will not let me associate my device.

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          sjpt Level 4

          ctrl-shift-D to ADE will deauthorise ADE.  Restart ADE (maybe not needed) and you can then reauthorise with the correct ID.

          You should then be able to authorise the device with that ID.


          Warning: you will not longer be able to read DRM books downloaded while you had the 'anonymous' id.

          For library books, return them before you make the change, and then borrow them again after the change.