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    SWF Export, no font showing in Acrobat and zoom border problem (Acrobat & Reader) - Indesign CS6

    Emily Hollis

      Hi Everyone,


      If anyone could help me on this that would be great, I've spent hours on the forums and manuals to no avail.


      I'm making an interactive PDF brochure in Indesign for one of our new products and I'm having issues (actual or perceived??!!) with the SWF export and PDF creation.  I'm placing animations and video in the INDD, exporting it as an SWF (with the text option as Flash Classic Text) and then opening the SWF (not importing to a word doc or anything, just opening the SWF) with Acrobat using the advanced options to import the video resources and to enable the content when the page is opened.  I then save the file as a PDF.  In the PDF everything works as it should, the animations, the buttons, the video plays and so on.  Great.. hmm not quite.


      The trouble I am having is that all the content of the SWF when viewed in Acrobat seems to be getting rasterised/flattened - is this correct?  After the SWF is opened, Acrobat indicates no fonts in the fonts tab in the document properties so when the SWF is zoomed in Acrobat, or the saved PDF in Reader, the font gets pixelated and the document is not searchable/text can not be highlighted.  The images are not selectable either - it is as if the entire page has been flattened to one image.  Is there a way to stop this so that the SWF opened with Acrobat retains the font and individual images like a normal PDF?  Do I have to open the SWF in Flash first to set some parameters or something?  Is there something I am doing wrong when exprting the SWF from Indesign?  I think I have tried about every possible export combination.  When I open the .HMTL (exported at the same time as the SWF from Indesign) in a browser, the same happens.  All the animations work but the text appears to be rasterised/flattened/not searchable.  Sorry if I'm not using the correct terminology.


      I have tried importing the SWF back into another new INDD and exporting that as an interactive PDF but then the video does not work.  I suppose I could try exporting all the individual animations as SWFs, importing them all and trying to get them to work with the video but I can see that will take quite some time and does not seem to be a guaranteed solution from what I have read on the forums - video playback being the issue.


      Another problem is that when the SWF, or saved PDF, is zoomed in Acrobat/Reader between approx 150% and 210% a thick white border appears in the document and the content is squashed into the middle creating a slightly pixelated and narrow page.  When I zoom out from the page I get a small white line on the right hand border at around 70% zoom.  Please see images.  Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?


      On another, sort of related topic, my timing panel went blank yesterday and was not showing any animations in documents that it had been used to order and synch animations on page load as well as new documents.  The panel was blank.  I updated to V8.0.1 and the panel sprang back into life - hope that helps anyone else finding the same problem.


      I am not very familiar with Indesign/Acrobat/Flash so I guess all the above could be what I'm doing or I could be asking  really dumb questions - apologies from a newbie.