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        TimJaramillo Level 4

        Hi Pinkston, if the svg files are showing up locally, but not when you upload to a server, it may be that your server does not support the SVG MIME type.


        You can check with your system admin if this is the case, and if so, you will need to add an .htaccess file on your server to include SVG. Here's how:


        1) Use Notepad and disable word wrap, copy and paste these two lines:


        AddType image/svg+xml .svg .svgz

        AddEncoding x-gzip .svgz


        2) Save document as .htaccess


        3) Place this this file in your sites root directory

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          pinkstonms Level 1

          Thanks Tim, I will save this for the next project. I opened the SVG in Illustrator and resaved as PNG. Working fine now,


          I guess not much difference in file image quality. One big drawback coming from Flash is object oriented files such as WMF, EMF or even EPS are not supported basically everyting is font or bitmap no objects with curves.


          I am getting use to the UI, making all elements present on the stage at all times and controlling with JS Hide and Show makes for busy timeline.