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    Does the file format differ when you Publish locally to hard drive vs. to the Connect Pro server?


      I notice that when I publish locally to my hard drive to review a set of slides, I see a folder full of files. If I click on index.htm within the folder, I can launch the slides.

      Presenter Local Publish List of Files.gif


      When I publish to the Adobe Connect Pro server, I merely see a url for the link to the course.

      Connect Pro Presentation Link.gif


      I'm not sure what this url link represents (as far as the file format is concerned):


      • Has the presentation been converted to different file format than what is published on my local drive? If so, what format is it in?
      • If  the presentation has not been converted, does the directory structured published to my local drive get replicated on the Adobe Connect Pro server, and the url is merely a link to the "starting file " within that folder (say, index.htm)?